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KidZone Ministry

KidZone is the children’s ministry at The Place of the Outpouring where we seek to bring children to Jesus Christ and nurture them into a loving, serving relationship with Him. We promote spiritual and social growth by showing the excellence of our God through Kingdom quality worship, witness and works. The teaching mission of the KidZone is it to keep it R.E.A.L.





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  • Children ages 2 to 11 years old


  • Sundays: 8:00am & 11:00am


  • Closed 2nd Sundays

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20150201_1214171. Go to the website

2. Select “Register Now”

3. Fill in the requested fields and create your password

4. Agree to the license agreement and then go to choose your account options

5. Select “Save Changes”

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20140824_1135311. Click on “My Kids”. This is where you will input your child’s information and upload photos. Select “Save Changes” when done.

2. Click on “My Guardians”. This is where you will input additional guardians and upload photos. Remember to “Save Changes” when you are done adding guardians.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Important Information”]

H45PLKqwSlvlIG5I7MCGZL-50dKsC1hy5_7Ng4IVOYEYour account is now complete! When you go to check in for the first time, type your 10 digit home or cell phone number onto the check-in screen, and your account will appear. Remember to keep your information up-to-date. You can easily make changes to your account at any time by signing into your account at

Once you have a KidCheck account you may obtain an optional and free KidCheck key tag from the KidZone. The key tag will expedite your check- in/out process.


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